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We aim to make your search for your ideal property in Spain less stressful by providing a list of estate agents in a single comprehensive directory. Our directory is easy to navigate - simply click on a region in Spain, for example Costa del Sol, then select a town in that area.

You'll also find useful information on buying property in Spain and getting a Spanish mortgage.

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Using estate agents

The presence of an estate agent business on our directory does not imply or mean that we endorse, recommend or approve in any way of that estate agent business.


Before you enter into any viewing arrangements with an estate agent, make sure you discuss fees. The vast majority of estate agents work on the basis of being paid a percentage by the vendor when a sale is completed. However, some estate agents ask for a non-refundable fee, deductible from the purchase price, upfront from the buyer.

Buyer beware

Estate agents rely on sales to make a living. That means they can sometimes exaggerate the positives of a property, such as saying that it would be easy to extend or modify, or that an exterior revamp has already been approved by the community. Buyers will need to verify such statements themselves.

Estate agents are not there to point out any possible problems with a given property to any potential buyer. It is up to the buyers to satisfy themselves that the property is legal, and what can legally be done to alter the property. Buyers need also check for any issues such as dampness or structural problems.


In terms of efficiency, there are good and bad estate agents. An inefficient estate agent can waste your time and cause a lot of frustration. When dealing with an estate agent, try to get a feel for how efficient they are. Do they get back to you when they said they would? Are they listening to your requirements? Does their website look modern, and let you see images of properties? If you send an email, or fill in their online contact form, do you get a reply?


The siesta is a long-standing tradition in Spain that is still widely practised by businesses and individuals alike. What it means is that many estate agencies close for a period of two to three hours in the afternoon. Keep this in mind if you are trying to ring one, or awaiting a reply.


Most estate agencies are closed all day Saturdays and Sundays. They also close for bank holidays, and for some religious festival days.


It is common practice in Spain for estate agents to place their properties on databases that can be accessed by other agents, and for multiple estate agents to promote the same property. The only way this affects you as a potential buyer is that the estate agent you are dealing with may, in turn, need to deal with another estate agent to find answers to your questions, or to arrange viewings.

Estate agent contact details

Some of the estate agents on our lists have not provided a physical address, and their websites do not have an address either. This does not necessarily mean that there is anything fishy about such estate agents. However, if any problems should arise in dealing with one of these estate agents, not having a physical address could be a major issue. For exmaple, it would be impossible to deliver legal writs to an estate agent whose address is unknowm.

Many of the agents on our directory have not listed website or email addresses. We believe your time will be better spent dealing only with those who do have website and/or email details listed.